The most innovative, streamlined way of doing business and personal insurance.

In the same way that Uber and Airbnb have revolutionised their respective industries, so has Infiniti Online transformed insurance. We are a company born out of innovation, always prepared to take calculated risks in the interests of offering inventive ways of doing insurance. Our product was successfully launched in 2016.

We no longer deal in short-term insurance: we provide on-demand insurance.

You’re covered from the moment you click “Accept” on your instant quote, and from then on you enjoy our super-fast claims process.

Infiniti Online is the first online-only South African insurance service, where you can create a basket of business and personal insurance products, get immediate no-obligation quotes, and buy your policies, right there. When it comes time to claim, you can do it all online too.

Make no mistake, however. We’ve been planning this for many years, and we’ve put all of our experience, expertise and understanding of our customers into it.

All your insurance needs covered in one place

Infiniti Online is insurance that no longer keeps office hours. It’s as mobile as you are, and as agile as your business needs to be in the modern connected world. Gone are the days of holding for consultants, complicated quotes and tedious claims processing.

It’s all online, so claims are paid out quickly. Infiniti Online takes you through every step of the insurance process. You can buy various types of business insurance, as well as a full selection of personal insurance products. All quotes are obligation-free, and your data is deleted after 30 days – there’s no follow-up spamming. Insurance premiums are accurate and competitive, and you’re covered from the moment you click to accept your quote.

Infiniti Online is all about innovation and customer-centricity,” says Yulanda Paterson, GM of Infiniti Online. “We don’t have any sacred cows around insurance. We don’t mind telling it like it is. We make insurance as transparent and streamlined as possible, from getting a quote to claiming.”

The new way of doing insurance

The ability to manage every aspect of your insurance journey online, using any connected device, is central to our more digitally connected lives. It offers on-demand convenience that matches the modern consumer’s needs, preferences and behaviours. Soon, all insurance will be done this way.

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